Posted by: buzina | December 11, 2007

Read “The trip of Hector” or “Hectors Reise”

Hectors Reise, oder die Suche nach dem Glück

A just had a really good read. I went on a trip to Berlin (for the itsmf congress hosted there) and I had some time to kill at the airport. As I allways do, I entered the bookshop and scanned the offers. I found “Hectors Reise oder die Suche nach dem Glück” from Francois Lelord. I can only recommend this to anybody.

The hero is a psychiatrist, who is not bad at curing people, but gets visits from more and more unhappy people with no real reason to be unshappy. So he decides to find the reasons for happiness. He goes on a world trip and he lives many happy and unhappy moments and finds his list of 23 guides to happines, including the rule number 18 (“Happiness would be to love more than one woman”) which he crosses out again, feeling it would be inappropriate.

Just reading this, made me happy.



  1. chice Seite!!! Herzliche Grüße

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