Posted by: buzina | July 4, 2008

Wish for ITIL v3 – Release Management Revisited


I created a new post in my ITSM Series dedicated to release management. You can find it here.

ITSM Series #4: Release Management

Before ITIL v3 came out, I stated a whish on this blog for v3 to change the release management. Let’s review if this whish has somehow come true:

  • “Release Management should be responsible for anything new”
    Well, this is not exactly the case. ITIL still does not differenciate between things that IT already knows about and things that are new. It does specify that you should have an “Application Portfolio”, so at least new applications will be added to that.
  • “ITIL says that the release management process is comparable to a lab”
    Well, they don’t. Not anymore. So no lab in IT anymore. Sorry.
  • “The portfoliois of course stored in the CMDB and”
    Well, yes it is. This includes (of course) the service portfolio & catalog, as well as all other “portolios” mentioned. Unfortunatly there is no full portfolio of everything IT knows about but at least we take steps in the right direction.

All in all, Release Management changed in version 3. It is now the binder between Service Design and Operation and or you could name it the Service Transition “Overall Process”. It is not the way I would design this, but at least it makes the distinction between change and release management more clear.



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  2. […] while ago I had some high hopes on the then still forthcoming ITIL v3 release management. They were not fulfilled as I would have like it to be. So I will try to define what I would like to see in release […]

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