Posted by: buzina | February 23, 2009

IT admin or service jobs in part time in Germany

Strange, but true, Germany is even in time of the financial crisis one of the countries with a lack of experianced and professional IT staff. Even more strange is the general reluctance in IT to have people work in part time. Companies should be in a constant battle about getting and keeping the best emplyoees and one ot the battle grounds today should be the flexability in working hours.

My wife is looking for a way to start working  again after 4 years running the family business. She is a highly skilled professional in IT administration and service and even she has trouble finding a part time job.

I like to say: Hey German companies, wake up.It is about time to mine that half of the population for usefull employees that has been neglected too long. All analysts expect the lack of IT staff to be one of the biggest restraints for growth in the German economy in 2 years, so you should start to worry about that now.

I just had to get that out of my system 😉


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