Posted by: buzina | March 24, 2009

System Architecture & Standardization driven by amazons EC2

After reading a little bit more on amazons EC2 offer, I must say they need to be made famous for their advances in standardization. All their servers are built from templates, so they thrive on standardization. There is no way to save data to local storage, which helps you:

  1. Keep all servers started from the same template really the same.
  2. Restore after a rouge program (or a rogue sys-admin or developer) has corrupted the environment.
  3. Deploy as many servers of the same template as quickly as possible.
  4. Update your template to update the running machines. Great way of deployment.

Thanks for dev2ops for the enlightment. We now can start to think about how we can employ these techniques that the cloud is creating for us. As I pointed out here I doubt that many companies will save money from cloud computing, since they will try to save brains with it. The smart companys will invest brains and learn a lot about standardization, automization and operations and save money on the inhouse data center as well as use cloud services where applicable.


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