Posted by: buzina | May 7, 2009

Will the SW Assessment Scheme ever be open?

I just had another look at SMCGs Site and found a new page with a little more information on the assessment scheme. One part is a small Q&A, which contains the following section:

Do I get to see the questions beforehand?

No. The questions will remain with the Licensed Assessor and only be asked at the time of the assessment. The Vendor should treat the tool assessment element as if they were demonstrating to a prospective client how they adhere to ITIL. This is to ensure a level playing field where some vendors have more time or resources to prepare a demonstration to pre-released questions. Therefore the demonstrator needs to be very fluent in both ITIL, the application and their documentation.

To me this looks like (could anyone confirm or deny this?) the questions will not be open to the public. If this is true, a buyer will not know why this piece of software advertised by the OGC and what the benefit of the rubber stamp is.

Great standard!



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  2. […] Will the SW Assessment Scheme ever be open? […]

  3. Marc, you are right – if the criteria is kept secret, this would really be a major drawback as it would provide no transparancy to the customer.
    Maybe this swirl logo will have a same meaning as the label ‘XML-compliant’.

    • If the importance of the swirl logo will be as low as “XML-compliant”, I will be happy. But I fear that not only many buying decisions will be based upon the logo, but the perception of the IT service management processes will be damaged. IT service management will be regarded as a “problem solved”, since we can get it right out of the box.

      If many people in the service management community speak up, we may be able to be heared that processes are not in a box or on a stick.

  4. […] Will the SW Assessment Scheme ever be open? […]

  5. […] Will the SW Assessment Scheme ever be open? […]

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