Posted by: buzina | July 7, 2009

APMG told me I am an Expert!

Well, I’ve done it. I have bridged my v2 service manager qualification to the new ITIL(r) v3 Expert. Besides the not appropriate name this still feels as a downgrade, though. For my service manager certificate I sat down for 5 hours and wrote 16 pages worth of IT service management know-how (which still hurt my fingers more than my brain). Now all I had to do was answer 20 multiple choice questions (only one answer is correct) and get 16 of them right.

But it was not easy, because of the way the questions were defined. I doubt that I can find the right answer for the 4 questions I failed on, even using all the material available. 

Additionally the german exam had one error. All the answers had to be marked on a seperate paper showing A, B, C & D as possible answers. One of the questions did not have A-D but 1-4 as answers. This whould have been not a big deal (not such hard code to break) if there weren’t other questions where the initial 4 point numbered 1-4 where then combined into groups in the answer (e.g. A – 1&2 are correct, B – 2-4 are correct, C – all are correct, D – none). This left some ambiguity.

All in all, the world has another “Expert” 😉


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