Posted by: buzina | February 24, 2010

Creating a Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Award LogoFabulous! We just won the 1st place in the German Great Place to Work Award 2010! We here is the company I work for, noventum consulting. After participating 4 years in the GPtW Benchmark we achieved first rank and can now call ourselves the best workplace in Germany.

How did we achieve this? Well to start with noventum always was a good place to work. We had a great culture of trust and cooperation. Then our CEO Uwe Rotermund decided to verify how good we were compared to others and try to make it great, not only good.

That gained us the 92nd place in Germany in 2006 and a huge list of recommendations and ideas for improvement. Which we took as input and started working on making noventum a better workplace. Just by focusing on improving our working environment and our working culture, by talking about it and by setting up workshops with employees from all ranks (from CEO to trainee), we created an awareness of making our place to work good for all of us.

2007 gave us a place in the top 50, 2008 we achieved rank 13 and last year we cam in 2nd in Germany. This did not leave much room for improvement some would say, but with our 2009 innovation and HR workshops we came up with more than 200 new things to do. Needless to say we did not implement all of them, but selected a few that were best to do. And again this selection was based upon feedback from the GPtW benchmark. The 2009 results showed areas where other companies were better than we are, so we focused our attention on these.

The lowest ranked category in 2009 had a result of 60% top answers (good & very good out of 5 possible answers). In 2010 we achieved 81% for this category (btw. a lot of the change was due to change in perception, we drastically improved our communication quality). But still this is our worst category, so there are some opportunities here.

Later I will blog a bit about a few measures we have taken, right now I will just be happy with the results!

By the way, have a look at our new webdesign, finalized for today.


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