Posted by: buzina | February 24, 2010

Perfect example of regret – reason – remedy communication downtime

I had not noticed today, but was down for 110 minutes. I found out because wordpress shows a link on top of the admin pages to its central word press announcement blog. After reading it I must say this is one of the best examples of the regret, reason & remedy approach to communicating failures even if the order is not exact (regret is last in the article). Go ahead and read it here: Downtime Summary — Blog —

I first read about the regret, reason & remedy communication strategy reading “Drop the pink elephant” by Bill McFarlan. If you can get it and read it (there is a kindle version and you can buy older paper version on amazon) you will like it. If you use it, you will even like it more.

If somethings really gone bad and you are the one who has to explain this to the customer, first express your regret of the situation (briefly and honestly), then explain the reason of this happening but avoid to blame someone and last explain what you did to remedy the situation and what you will do to avoid it in the future.

For reason and remedy you can find helpful processes in IT service management:

  • event management can help you finding the reason, since it logged the past
  • incident management will find the remedy you can propose to your customer
  • and problem management will allow you to provide a long-term remedy, avoiding reoccurrence.

But where can you find the regret in IT service management?


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