Posted by: buzina | August 19, 2010

Survival of the Fittest?

Why do some frameworks grow and gain a large market share while others dwindle and are quickly forgotten? Unfortunately this has nothing to do with a survival of the fittest or even survival of the best.

What does a new standard need to become famous? For one it needs its market niche and a few dedicated people to build the first successes. And next?

To become a standard or accepted framework the new ideas need to capture a buzz word. According to marketing experts an exponential growth is achieved by convincing people known as experts, networkers and sales people.

The experts are really deep knowledgeable in their fields. So initially they will only approve of a good idea – for their area of expertise. Most experts are focused on things and not on people, so they are no networkers.

For an idea to spread quickly it needs to be picked up by a networker. A networker is someone who knows an exceptional amount of people (often more than 10-20 times the average) and is well-connected to them. So a networker can spread out an idea.

It then needs to catch a proper sales person. A sales personality is always on the up- and positive side, so they are very convincing. If combined with a networker, they have a strong spreading effect.

So, now the trick question: For whom do these networkers and sales people often work? Do they work for companies that need to adapt to this new framework? Or do they work for companies that want to use new buzz words to sell their products (aka consulting, software, etc.)?

Since now the spreading of the framework is in the hands of people who want to utilizes the fame of the framework, they will start to widen the scope, attribute miracles to it and reduce the amount of expertise in the framework.

This will down the quality of any framework. It will try to set up a theory of everything, will promise instant salvation and is focused on keeping it’s multi-billion dollar industry alive.

Any resemblance to existing frameworks is pure coincidence and not intended by the author.


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