Posted by: buzina | June 27, 2013

TechCrunch’s Matt Burns needs to try Windows 8 first

A ridiculous article by Matt Burns complains that the start button for Windows 8.1 is not a start button ( And then he goes on by saying that right-clicking on it shows a non-customizable admin menu.

Well, Matt, use Windows 8 and right click the start menu corner and: You get the same menu! Of course the Start Button is a start button, clicking on it opens the full screen start menu of Windows 8.1. It works better than the old Windows 7 start menu, it has:

Larger targets for your mouse to hit, so you can use it quicker.
Direct search (just start typing, same as in Windows 7 btw)
Grouped entries, but now even all of them visible at once.
Active tiles that give you info directly
A sortable all programs menu (you can sort by name, group, install date, frequency of use)

The only thing I see missing is the recent documents. Well get over it, and create a short cut to the explorer search and “PIN IT TO THE START MENU”.

TL;DR; TC & Matt Burns write stupid nonsense articles


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