Posted by: buzina | October 28, 2014

Securing your Cloud

After MS is going all-in on ist Office 365 Cloud offering, dropping the previous high limit of 1 TB per subscription to unlimited, you can get unlimited cloud storage for as low as 5,75€ (Office 365 Personal, 1 year plan for 69,-€).

The problem is you will need to transfer all your files to MS, which will open up to the NSA and anyone else capable of listening in. Now I am wondering if the following app exists, or if not if someone is developing it:

Provide a layer on top of any given cloud service (interface via WebDAV or other protocols) that will transparently encrypt / decrypt the files in a streaming fashion, so that the cloud holds either one or several large files, or the file is encrypted as well (so no file name/directory name or file properties, incl. size) will stay the same. This might mean padding small files to a uniform larger size and splitting large files to a set of uniform smaller files.

The application should be transparent, so that on a PC it works like a file system (aka drive letter on windows). For phones it would need to have a separate application. Direct access to the files via web would not be available anymore, as it would not be possible to do that in a secure way.

Is there something like that?


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