Posted by: buzina | August 3, 2016

linux firefox on Windows 10?!

I just upgraded to the Anniversary Windows 10 Version. And as I had read a few things about the ubuntu linux subsystem, I wanted to try it. So add the feature, reboot, enable developer mode and run bash.

No problem. I looked around a bit (it even did not keep me as root as the original insider versions did, I had to setup a user during the initial run process). I wanted to try something I had not seen yet, I wanted to run desktop applications from linux.

So I installed the Xming x11 server. Next step was to set my display to use it (export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0, yes localhost is needed as Xming is a windows app and it can not be talked to inside the linux subsystem). Now I needed an application to demonstrate this newfound abilities. So i tried

apt-get install firefox

Which took some time and 170 MB diskspace. I slowly typed firefox & pressed enter. I waited, an error message appeared, I waited a bit longer and firefox started! I am typing this post from it’s window.

So Microsoft & canonical: Great job, works out of the box.


ff on linux ss


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