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Marc Buzina

Marc Buzina

Since 1974 the world has come to know me as Marc Buzina. In everyday life I am working as a unit manager and consultant for IT Service Management at noventum. I live in Germany together with my wife and my two daughters. My past time is mostly spent with my family, but I do enjoy the odd game of tennis and volleyball. If I have some time left over (which is not very common) I made up my mind to learn Persian (Farsi) and to reactivate my piano playing.

I studied computer science for 3 years at the TU Eindhoven, but then decided that the current market for IT people was just to good to stay away from even longer. I started my professional life building a service desk for Hewlett-Packard Germany for their outsourcing business. During my almost 3 years at HP I quickly shifted my focus to reporting and designed the reporting system HP has used for more than a decade to deliver Service Level Reports to their outsourcing customers (It is almost replaced now).

I then moved to the consulting business, but initially with a data warehouse focus and later with a CRM focus. In the end of 2003 I reviewed the projects I had been working on (remember DWH and CRM!) and found out they were all about IT Service Management. So this is where I decided to use the right name and start being a IT Service Management consultant.

In 2004 I started defining the services noventum could deliver for the IT Service Management market and became “Service Manager”. Since the middle of 2008 I have also taken over the responsibility of managing a “consulting unit”. This means being the people manager of currently 5 consultants and budegt responsible for all of our IT service management activities.

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